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We can talk about how we pride ourselves on our customer service at Satori, how our industry knowledge is next to none, but what you say is most important to us! See what our customers have said about Satori and why they feel we are the best recreational Cannabis dispensary in Pullman! We would love your review if you have been in click here, review us and we will make you famous!

Jeremy Schmidt

Amazing store, amazing products and super amazing staff! Happy to shop there always!!

Natalie Palmer

Clean, bright & very organized- which makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for! The staff is very knowledgeable & the owners are some of the best people I know! Check em out, you won't be disappointed:)

Casey Nefcy

The best selection! Highly recommended! High quality!

Tammy Cam

Out of 6 stores I've been in in Washington state THIS store had the best selection AND the best prices! I no longer live in the Spokane area but go over once a month and I ALWAYS stop in to get what I need! There is NO other store for me!!!

Joseph w. Murphy

Great prices and great product!! Beautiful and knowledgeable bud tenders. Best place in town!


I LOVE SATORI!!! I love coming here, i love the deals and the staff. I would never spend my money anywhere else. Thank you Satori this is what i pictured legalization looking like! :):)


“Satori is the only place I feel comfortable going to. They're very friendly, informative and make it an awesome experience, I was a newbie when I first went there and they've made it stress free and easy.”

Tom Mitchell

Great products at a great price very friendly staff they carry the full line of Phat Panda and other great Growers from around Washington State I Drive from the extreme south hill past all the other stores to come here would highly recommend


“I love the strains available here and never had a problem finding what I needed! The staff is awesome and always helpful! I would highly recommend this great place to anyone.”


“SatoriMJ is my go-to shop for recreational marijuana. They have a nice store with a very large selection of different strains of bud, edibles, and smoking accessories. The prices here are absolutely phenomenal. They always have plenty of staff working and they are always helpful and friendly. The quality of marijuana is top shelf as well with almost all strains having a thick coat of trichomes and resin on the outside. I have always left happy with my purchase and I will not shop anywhere else. Thank you SatoriMJ!”


“I gave this shop a chance after being to so many others and wow...what a relief! Finally a staff of all clean cut, knowledgable, and passionate people. The second I came in I was greeted and treated with the upmost respect. Having being a former MMJ Patient I found this shop to be my new favorite. Not only do they have many more strains than their competitors but the employees all know what they're talking about...which unfortunately is becoming a rarity these days. I suggest if you want the best quality and the best service it's a no brainer. Satori MJ is the dopest shop around : ).”

Mason Davila

Great store,customer service was top notch,excellent weed at a great price. I highly recommend


“I decided to give this shop a try after all my friends have been telling me to do so long story short best decision I've ever made. unfortunately it's not very close to where I live but after going inside and seeing the wonderful staff and the even more wonderful selection I have to say I have no regrets about making the trip. ”


“Satori is the only place I feel comfortable going to. They're very friendly, informative and make it an awesome experience, I was a newbie when I first went there and they've made it stress free and easy.”

Toke Skywalker

“My first experience in a recreational shop was a little intimidating I do have to admit, but I am so thankful I chose this shop for my first. When I first walked in I was greeted by a cute girl in the front with a beautiful smile and she pointed me to head in the back room. When I walked through the door my jaw about hit the floor after seeing how full you guys were! As a kid I would imagine what legalization would look like and you guys nailed the nail on the head! The "budtenders" name who helped me was Logan, and he was packed full of information and was more than willing to let me pick his brain for a good 10 minutes about my personal wants and desires when it comes to cannabis. I told him exactly what I was looking for and he narrowed the massive 80+ strain list to 3 that would best suit me. After weighing out the options we finally decided on Full Moon Thai from Rootdown. I asked him what the THC level was and even though there were a lot of other strains that had higher THC levels he assured me that I would not be disappointed and that THC is more of a "guideline" than anything. When I got home and did my normal smoking ritual I was amazed how the taste was identical to the aroma! This strain was exactly what I was looking for and then some! I would give this store my highest recommendation to anyone, and you guys just earned a life long customer. See you again soon :)”